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The goal of the foundation

The first village of MAMA has found its place in the small village of Ngaparou. Ngaparou is situated on the west coast of Senegal, approximately 80 km from Dakar.

It is in this village where young and/or pregnant mothers will find a way to forge a new life with the help of the MAMA Foundation.

The foundation will provide health care and vaccinations for mothers and children as well as dietary and hygiene training.

The foundation will also provide job training so that these young mothers will learn to become self-sufficient.

The young and/or pregnant mothers who will seek the aide of the MAMA foundation are from diverse, but dire situations. The primary goal of the foundation will be to come to the aid of these women who are in fear of facing their families or those whose families have abandoned them. There are all types of desperate situations from abused young women to victims of rape or women with a child conceived outside of a marriage. In many of these cases, many of these mothers will abandon or even, in extreme cases, kill the child. The reason for this is that it would be inconceivable for the family to raise a child born of these circumstances along with it being just another mouth to feed. The young women in this kind of situation would find it extremely difficult to find a husband, necessary in this world. They would find themselves isolated, without resources to survive.

The MAMA foundation will help these women. The foundation will give them a choice: to keep their baby or to give it up for adoption. In any case, these women and babies will receive the care and education necessary to make the right decision.


“Le Village de MAMA” will be built in the small town of Ngaparou. Its geographical location as well as the fertility of the soil makes Ngaparou an ideal site. The construction of the village on six acres will begin within the coming year. Ngaparou is located about six kilometers from Sally, ten kilometers from M’Bour and approximately two hours from Dakar.
Once the village is complete, it will have the space and the facilities to welcome young mothers with children and expecting mothers. It is here that the foundation will help these young women learn how to take care of their children. By doing this, the foundation hopes to limit the infant mortality rate of this region. These women will no longer be alone in this difficult time.

The mother will be the top priority. Through the help of the foundation, these young mothers will learn to read, write, and speak French. Many only know their regional dialect and, as Senegal is a francophone country, it is necessary to be fluent in French to be able to understand and fill out official documents.

At the same time, the foundation will offer training in cooking, sewing, small-scale farming, raising livestock, and goat cheese fabrication. These actions will also allow the village to be autonomous. The women will be able to choose depending on their interests and needs.

A self sufficient village

The village will have its own garden and orchard. There will also be small livestock, namely chickens, cows, and sheep to sustain the needs of the village. Thanks to a composting system, the goal is for all food grown and raised in the village to be organic. It is the hope that, what the village does not consume, will be sold to local stores for supplementary revenue.

The construction plans have been well laid out. The main building will welcome approximately 50 women in individual compartments. There will be bathrooms and showers as well as a nursery for the care of the newborns. The pregnant women will be housed in another building adapted to their needs. There will also be a volunteer dormitory so that help is always on hand for the functioning of the village. The kitchen, classrooms, sewing workshop and a guard house will round out what is needed. There will also be a store to sell goods made by the women of the village.

Once the village is up and running, future plans include birthing rooms and a nursery with four to five incubators. Once the foundation is at this stage, a medical presence will be needed.

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